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Meet MG: A SWH Success Story

MG Lost 40 lbs in 12 weeks at SWH.  Read on and Learn How He did it !


I’m a business owner, I work nights, I’ve got 2 children, I’m married and I coach youth sports so I have a lot of things on my plate.


One of my friends had mentioned that one of my neighbors had come see Stephanie at Solaris Whole Health.  I also saw another client at a football game that I had known in the past, not very well, but I knew that he was large and I was stunned at how much weight he had lost and he had looked like a completely different person so it got me interested in coming to see Stephanie.


I was feeling miserable, I was overweight, I wasn’t happy with myself and I came as a broken man.  I was fatigued, sluggish and I knew my digestive track was a mess.  I was looking for pain relief and overall health benefits.


Jan 3rd  I started, so it’s been 2 and a half, almost 3 months since I started the program.  I first saw results within 10 days, about a week into it and I believe I lost 9lbs.


The first few days I was a little irritable, short tempered, but that subsided quickly.  Within the week (symptoms subsided) and I started seeing results quickly – and to be honest it was a minor irritability.  I was stunned at how easy this was, I tried to stay true to myself and disciplined and do what Stephanie told me to do and she was right, I came into it saying I was going to trust her and it worked out.


I have to eat a lot of food and it’s a challenge to eat 2100 calories a day and to drink all the water you need to drink.  But I understand the benefits of it – the goals Stephanie set – and I understand why I needed to do things, so that makes it easier.  It’s been a great education the past 2 and half months.  I eat a lot more than I used to.


It was easier than I thought it was going to be.  A month before I started I went to my doctor who is great, however the results of my physical were terrible.  I really didn’t think I’d ever fix it.  And I’m kicking myself now, it’s such a cliché, but I’m kicking myself for not going to SWH sooner.


I had a couple of songs on the radio that I drew inspiration from, they reminded me of trying to better myself.  That kind of gave me inspiration and Stephanie gives you a log book which I think is pretty important. Sometimes I stray from it now but it really helped me identify where my deficiencies were and that gave me structure.  I do pretty well in structured situations like this and it’s a lot easier.  The way Stephanie handles it really helps.


I’ve done other weight loss programs before and I’ve always struggled to get to that goal.  Right after that, I kind of just gave up, but this is like a whole encompassing lifestyle reevaluation.  I feel like I have better insight and background of what makes me tick and my unique lifestyle needs to make quality choices and understand the cause and effect of the foods that I am putting in my body.  For the first time I feel like I’m in control and that over time, I have made peace with my health.  There’s no pressure to think about the weight goal, because after working with Stephanie, I know why I am doing what I am doing and how to adjust my food for my body’s needs.  So I know that I have my road map to being healthy, and that’s reassuring.  That would be the best way to describe it.

Congratulations, MG!

DEC 2010

FEB 2011

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Lookin’ Lean and Feelin’ Clean

Our inaugural 10 Day Spring Detox was a hit!  Congratulations to those who survived – we hope you enjoyed doing it as much as we enjoyed planning it.

Read what our Detoxers had to say about their experiences.

Marc M. – profession, age

Results: Lost 7.8lbs in 7 days

In his words: “The first 3 days were the most difficult.  I was hungry, I did not feel good about myself, I imagined this is what it felt like to be in rehab for an addiction.  I felt depressed and just did not feel very good about myself.  I was in a bad mood and could not shake it.  Almost like a light switch all of the feelings left me on day four.  The “skimpy” portion size of meals no longer seemed skimpy and I felt full and somewhat satisfied after eating.  My energy level increased significantly and simply felt GREAT.  I still wished I could eat something as simple as a sandwich or a slice of pizza, but know what I am doing is better.”

Cindy M. –

Results: Lost 4lbs in 7 days

In her words:

1.) How did you feel the first few days on the detox?

Actually, I felt pretty good.  I ate enough so hunger wasn’t a problem and I feared that the most.

2.) What symptoms were you experiencing?  Did you have headaches?  Were you fatigued?  Irritable? 

More than anything it was the cravings for the things I couldn’t have.  Cutting out my bread and pasta killed me!  No headaches.   No fatigue, I actually had a gradual increase in energy over the 10 days.  I have to say I was a little irritable due to the fact that I was cutting out the things I liked the most, i.e. candy, ice cream, and chocolate.

3.) What was the most difficult part of the detox?

Fitting the eating schedule to my lifestyle.  Eating every 3 hours while being on-the-go was difficult, but manageable with Stephanie’s help.

4.) Was it difficult learning to eat differently?

No, the sample menus and shopping list really helped. There is so much food to pick from that once I got in the “groove”, it was easy.

5.) When did you begin to notice your symptoms going down?

Looking back, it was a slow and gradual decrease over the 10 days.

6.) How did you feel by the end of the detox?  What positive differences did you see?

Lighter, leaner, more energetic.  Feeling better physically improved me mentally, which lifted me spiritually.

7.) How did we support you through this process?

Knowing that Stephanie was an e-mail or phone call away was obviously helpful, but also the positive reenforcement of the staff.

Wish you had done it??  You’re in luck because you still can!  We will be hosting 10 Day detoxes seasonally.  Our next detox dates are:

July 10-23
Oct. 16-29
Jan. 1-14, 15-28

Sign up by calling the office at (732) 667-3209 or e-mailing us at!

Not sure if a detox is right for you?  Learn more about our program by clicking here and selecting “Seasonal Detox Programs”.

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Meet Carol: A SWH Success Story


SWH: Tell us a little about yourself.

Carol: I’m a grandmother, retired librarian, and I enjoy reading, food, travel, the theatre, and movies.

SWH: What brought you to Solaris Whole Health?

Carol: Concern about my weight continuing to increase, fatigue and my HBA1C level (a diabetic marker) was too high.

SWH: How long have you been on the program?

Carol: I started last January, right after the Holidays.  I enjoyed the Holidays and then I started!

SWH: When did you first begin to see results?

Carol: Within the first month or so, I began losing weight and eating a different diet.  I saw my fatigue level go down and after 6 months, my blood work showed significant improvement.

SWH: What changes did you make in terms of lifestyle/nutrition?

Carol: I’m eating more often during the day, which is something that Stephanie recommended – eating 5 or 6 times a day rather than just 3 meals.  The quality of food that I’m eating is better.  I’m eating more fish, more vegetables.  I’m also more aware of what I’m eating, my sleep patterns, just everything in general.

SWH: What was the most difficult part about keeping to the program?

Carol: I like to eat and I like sweets – doughnuts, cookies, cakes, pie, ice cream…and I ate a lot of it.  I always assumed it was just a little bit, but it really wasn’t just a little bit.  I needed to cut all of that down very substantially.   That was the hardest part really – and not eating a lot of snacks at night.  I like to snack.  During the day I’m okay, but after 7 or 8 o’ clock, I could just consume a lot of junk.  So I’ve had to cut out a lot of that junky stuff.

SWH: Do you still have cravings?

Carol: Yes, but my cravings for sweets is not as bad as I had thought it would be.  I’ve been able to push the food away or I don’t buy it.  I used to buy doughnuts and now I can walk by it at the grocery store.  It’s not that appealing and I’m assuming that if I’m on this for another year, it will be even less appealing.  But when I do have a little sweet, I do enjoy it, whereas, I used to just consume it.  I think I enjoy what I do eat a whole lot more.

SWH: What surprised you the most about the program?

Carol: The personal attention and that the program was actually directed to my needs and concerns.  That it’s not a pack program where you just do this and everybody does it.  It’s particularly geared towards me, my problems, my life long eating habits, what I like and don’t like to eat.  It’s a program strictly for me and it’s based on scientific knowledge.  It’s really based on how your body works and to understand that more is particularly important because I do have the possibility of a diabetic problem.  So understanding how I eat affects my blood sugar and my body is very important.  Stephanie is educating me on that and it’s very helpful.

SWH: What do you think makes this program different from other programs like it?

Carol: I’ve lost 16 lbs, kept it off and have control over my blood sugar now.  Stephanie knows what your goals are, knows what your problems are and works with you to solve them.  It’s why I keep coming back.  I really feel that I’m invested in the program.  It’s not something that’s being applied to me.  I’m a part of the program.  The program’s success depends on me with Stephanie’s guidance.

Congratulations, Carol, on your continued success!

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Meet Carl: A SWH Success Story

Carl lost 46lbs in 5 months!

SWH: Tell us a little about yourself.

Carl: I have a degree in Recreation/Sports medicine. I have also been a personal trainer over 15 years working with athletes from 8yrs of age to 50 yrs of age. I work as an EMT for Somerset Medical Center in my spare time I volunteer as an EMT as well as an Auxiliary Police Officer.

SWH: What brought you to Solaris Whole Health?

Carl: I have many careers  and I put a lot of things before taking care of myself.   I realized that if I’m not healthy, I can’t take care of anyone.

SWH: What were your initial health concerns?

Carl: Coming from a family that has some health risks, I was worried about having high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.

SWH: How long have you been on the program?

Carl: I’ve been doing the program about 4-5 months.

SWH: When did you first begin to see results?

Carl: I started seeing results within the first week.

(The yellow line is fat – Carl lost 46lbs in 5 months!)

SWH: What changes did you make in terms of lifestyle/nutrition?

Carl: Learning what foods do more harm than good, how food can alter your mood, thinking, even how your body digests.  The changes I made were eating on a regular schedule and eating the correct type of food for my lifestyle.

SWH: What was the most difficult part about keeping to the program?

Carl: The most difficult part was thinking about what I wanted for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

SWH: What surprised you the most about the program?

Carl: I was surprised I could actually do my personalized nutrition program and stick to it.  Stephanie made it easy, giving me the tools and information I needed to be successful.

SWH: Do you have any personal tips for keeping on track with your program?

Carl: Set weekly goals and take the program day by day.   Don’t look too far ahead of yourself.  Bring your food and snacks with you even though you can get the same thing out, it makes it much more worthwhile when you know you made your food and it has a purpose for being in your lunch bag.

SWH: What do you think makes this program different from other programs like it?

Carl: This program has a real life theme to it because it works off of your needs, your lifestyle and your purpose for a lifestyle change.  It teaches you how to rejuvenate yourself mentally and physically.

Congratulations on your success, Carl!

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Meet Laura: A SWH Success Story

Laura is our success story for the month of August.  She has been a client with us since November of last year.  This month we thought we’d do things a little differently and decided to let our client do most of the talking!  Here is how our interview with Laura went down.

SWH: Tell us about yourself, Laura.

Laura: I’ve been married for 29 years.  I have two children ages 12 and 19.  I have a nursing degree and worked as a nurse for 14 years and I currently volunteer for the school district and my church.

SWH: Why did you come to Solaris?

Laura: I came to Solaris basically because I needed to get healthy. Genetically, I have high blood pressure and cholesterol, lots of allergies which I always thought were environmental but I learned when coming to Solaris a lot of them were food related.  I was pre-diabetic, had indigestion…

SWH: How were you eating before you came to Solaris?

Laura: I was eating basically anything in the house.  For, lunch I would have leftover dinner from the night before or grab something out with the kids.  I always thought I was trying to make healthy choices, but after coming here I see I wasn’t making such healthy choices, especially when it came to gluten.  I always liked fruits and vegetables so that was never an issue for me.  I liked salads.  My big thing in the morning was cereal.  I loved cereal – haven’t had it all and I don’t miss it.

SWH: Was there anything you thought was healthy, but turned out not to be?

Laura: The whole wheat category…whole wheat bread, bagels, and dairy.  I was also surprised to learn that I was intolerant to dairy.

SWH:  What was your “Aha” moment?  What finally made you take the leap?

Laura: I had thought about it for awhile.  I’m a procrastinator though so in the meantime I tried other things.  I tried NutriSystem, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers.  So I tried all those things and they were always just temporary.  I don’t think I got through even 1 year on any of them.  So that’s probably the biggest change for me – sticking with this and not finding it difficult either.

SWH: What is the biggest difference between this program and other ones you’ve tried?

Laura: This one was just personalized, the other ones were one size fits all routines.  Everyone did the same thing, except for maybe calorie intake they would adjust to you, but other than that everyone was eating the same foods, you know.  It just wasn’t working for me…apparently, because once I came here, I started dropping weight and feeling better.  I’ve only been sick one time with a mild cold since November, which is huge for me, really huge

SWH: What did you think program was going to be like?

Laura: I knew it would be individualized, but I was surprised at the intake with all the  different forms and questionnaires and exam.  I haven’t had a doctor do an intake and a history and an exam like that in 40 years.  I’ve never had a doctor do something like that so it was a real surprise.  I was really happy with that.

SWH: When did you first see results?

Laura: I started right before Thanksgiving so I was afraid I was sabotaging myself before I even got started, but I ended up actually losing weight over the holidays.  Not just maintaining, but I lost – I was really happy about that.  I saw results after the first 2 weeks.  After the cleanse that I did I saw immediate results and then they just kept happening.

SWH: Was it difficult sticking to your program?

Laura: No, not really.  It takes some adjusting to, especially with what kind of foods to have around.  I have to get used to bringing food with me in the car – one of the kids named it my “survival food” which I keep in my little glove box in the car.  I always have nuts in there…always have a snack bar in my purse, always have a drink with me.  But I can’t really say I’m eating anything I never would have eaten before.  It’s more that I have eliminated things that I shouldn’t be having.

SWH: Do you have any tricks that you use to help keep you on plan?

Laura: I’ve always carried water with me.  Before it was around just 80% of the time and now it’s 100% of the time.  I bring a bottle of water every time I leave the house.  I just always think before I leave the house – how long I’m going to be gone for, if I’ll be back in time for a meal.  If not, I just make sure I take a snack bar, and if I’m detained and I don’t have a snack bar, I have nuts or fruit or whatever I have stored in my car to fall back on.

Thanks, Laura, for letting us in on your journey to whole health!  Congratulations!

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Meet Sue: A SWH Success Story

Meet Sue R.

Loving mother, wife, friend and hardworking doctor’s office assistant.

Initial Health Concerns

IBC, Hiatel Hernia, high cholesterol, LDL, osteoporosis

Sue’s Journey to Health

We first met Sue at Test Sports Club during one of our monthly nutrition talks.  She became a familiar face among the crowd.

“When I met Sue at one of our talks, she told me she had been struggling with digestive discomfort for some time.  I welcomed her to give me a call if she wanted to talk about it at length.  She took me up on my offer.  I found out that Sue had been suffering from digestive discomfort, heartburn among other things for years and had avoided eating certain foods because of it,” recalls Stephanie Solaris, owner and director of Solaris Whole Health.

On the outside, Sue had kept it together very well, but on the inside, she knew she needed help and wanted to do it naturally.   After some time, Sue took the leap and joined the Solaris family.

“I truly believe Sue came in at the perfect time to save her health and I commend her for coming in to work out her health imbalances naturally,” says Stephanie, “I was most impressed that even when life’s misfortunes popped up unexpectedly, Sue was able to stay on track with her nutrition plan.  From personal experience, I know this isn’t easy to do.  Sue came into Solaris already a well-rounded person, but with a change in nutrition, is energetic and vivacious INSIDE and out.”

The Results

Improved…digestion, vitality, weight, skin, joints/muscles, bloating and acid reflux; Cholesterol and LDL now within normal limits

How She Did It – In Sue’s Words

“I started with Stephanie 2 months ago.  My main concerns were the IBS I had suffered with for about 30 years and acid reflux.  A year ago, routine blood work showed I had high cholesterol and LDL.  Eating right for my cholesterol played havoc with my IBS.  Stephanie has showed me how to eat healthier.  By eliminating processed foods and concentrating on lean meats, fresh veggies, and fruits and eating 6 times a day, I feel like a new person.  And it’s easy to do!  My cholesterol and LDL are now normal.  I have very few IBS episodes.  And the extra bonuses are my sugar cravings have diminished and I have lost 10lbs!  Stephanie is so encouraging, explains everything well and is readily available for any questions or concerns.  The whole process with her and her wonderful staff has been a pleasure.  Thank you!”

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Meet Greg: A SWH Success Story

Meet Greg

Business executive, caring husband and father of two.

Initial Health Concerns

Treatment of Lyme Disease which went undiagnosed for over 3 years, joint/muscle pain, weak immune system, low Vitamin D, poor sleep, weight.

The SWH Treatment Plan…

In Greg’s Words

“My nutrition plan has helped me lose weight (30 lbs. in less than 2 months) [see chart below] and significantly increase my energy level.  I have retrained my body to need proteins rather than carbohydrates, and I changed my body composition from excess fat and extra-cellular water to muscle and more intra-cellular water.”

“I feel like I have regained control of my life and retrained my mind to think differently about the value of food and how to treat my body.  I feel better about myself because I’ve gotten control of a lot of bad habits and poor decisions about my nutritional health.  My energy is higher, my weight is lower, and my mind is sharper. I have managed a complicated treatment of Lyme Disease and related issues much better as a result of following this nutrition plan.  I am thoroughly convinced I would feel a lot worse had I not done this at the same time as the treatment.  The connection between nutrition and my health is now very clear to me.”

In Stephanie’s Words

Maintaining a physically and mentally active lifestyle was a priority when Greg signed onto Solaris.  This was certainly no easy task given the adverse side-effects of Lyme Disease and the toll it takes on the body.  Even treatment is tough on the body.

Greg’s medical treatment was of utmost importance and it was my goal to put together a nutritional protocol that not only improved his body composition, but also supported the medical protocol he was already on.  This ensured that he would heal at an optimum level during his ongoing treatment.  Greg rose to the challenge.  His weight loss and improved muscle mass was superior.  Working in the city and vacationing with his family did not deter him from finding the right foods for him and following his plan.   I am impressed with Greg’s success on many levels- his continued dedication and the unwavering support he has received from his family and friends.   We are proud to have him as a client at Solaris and look forward to supporting his journey toward optimum health.

Congratulations, Greg, on your continued success!

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