Something to Look Forward To…

Sure, summer is full of fun and sun, but there’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting back in shape and in control of your nutrition!  Now that SWH Group Meet-Ups are back in full swing, we hope you’ll join us for the festivities.

Here’s what you can look forward to in the upcoming months:

September:  WEIGHT LOSS HYPNOSIS!  Discover another avenue to release those excess pounds.   Session will be lead by Susan Lembo, certified HynoCounselor, @the SWH Studio.  Click here for details and sign-up.

October:  HOLIDAY CRAVINGS & STRESS RELIEF.  Thursday, October 20th @6:30pm.  Discover new Holiday Stress Relief Strategies.  Resisting Halloween candy along with the multitude of sweets and events during the next 8 weeks will be challenging.  Experience guided inspiration and meditation @the SWH Studio with Betsy Zipkin, Rieki Master & Founder of the NJ Miracles Center.

November: HOLIDAY RECIPE MAKEOVER.  Thursday, November 17th @6:30pm.  Be fashionable, hip, and healthy!  Got that recipe you’ve been itching to try, but haven’t because you just didn’t know how to “nutri-lize” it?  At this meet-up, we will teach you how to spot “trouble” ingredients and what to replace them with so that you can enjoy your meal guilt-free.  We will be exchanging recipes at the meet-up so everyone will leave with a handful of nutritious new recipes to try – just in time for Thanksgiving!  Submit your recipe for a makeover via email ( by November 14th.   As an added bonus, we will be raffling off a KoKo lunch tote to attendees.  Come, bring friends, make new friends, and leave with a beautiful new set of recipes to add to your repertoire!


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