Q&A w/Stephanie Solaris: How to Fend Off the Thanksgiving Bulge

Q: How do I make sure I don’t over eat during the holidays?
A: Great question.  On average, Americans gain 5-7 pounds during the 6 weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s and that’s not even taking Halloween into consideration!  I tell my clients a realistic goal is to ‘not gain any weight’ over the holidays.  If you can maintain, you’ll already be ahead of the game for January!  The following are 5 Simple Steps to fending off the Holiday Bulge while enjoying yourself at the same time!
1. First things first – get the junk food  out of your house, car and office.
As Oscar Wilde said, “I can resist anything but temptation”!   So why torture
yourself.  If it’s not part of your regular nutrition plan OR it’s something you know you will not be able to ‘resist’, give it away or get rid of it.  The momentary high will not satisfy your long term happiness and goals.
2. Remember the holi-“day” is only ONE DAY.
So the key is to stick to your nutrition plan for most of the holiday season (5.8 weeks) and let yourself go on that DAY only.  That’s right – go to town
on the holi-DAY and then get right back into your healthy nutrition plan the next day!
3. If you have a party to attend, offer to bring a dish that you know is good for you and that you know you will enjoy!
Others will thank you!!  And don’t bring home any leftovers that may tempt you.
4. If you’re going out to dinner, use the “BADDD Rule”
There are typically 5 courses to a meal; Bread, Appetizer, Dinner, Drink, Dessert.  Pick 3 out of the 5 courses and stick to those as your meal.
5. If you have a favorite old family dish, create a healthy
version of it!
Use a natural sweetener like coconut sugar instead of sugar, oats instead of flour, applesauce OR yogurt instead of too much butter.  You may even find a NEW family favorite for the holi-DAY that will broaden your family’s horizons, not their waist lines.   All you have to find is one new dish and you’ll be a hit at all the parties.
If you don’t currently have a healthy nutrition plan and want to get one that is right for you OR would like recipe ideas, connect with us at www.solariswholehealth.com!  Listen to the Optimum Health through Nutrition Podcast  Episode #93 on iTunes.
Stephanie Solaris CHC, is the founder and director of Solaris Whole Health LLC, featured speaker and nutrition coach who has helped hundreds achieve optimum health.

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