November 2010 Calendar of Events

Inspire, Motivate, Educate: Solaris Meet-Up
Wednesday, November 10th @The Solaris Whole Health Studio
from 6:30-7:30pm, cost: $20 ($15 for clients)

Come one, Come all!  Led by Stephanie Solaris, we will all inspire, motivate, and educate each other in the journey to optimum health.  Working in groups, sharing experiences, and having an internal support system enhances YOUR individual Solaris nutrition program’s success.

Meet-ups are hosted one Wednesday per month.  The cost is included in your SWH program package and you’re free to invite a new guest to each meet-up!  Non-clients are welcomed to join.
Register You and Your Guest Today, Space is Limited! (732) 667-3209

Arkwin Lunch & Learn
Wednesday, November 17th @Arwkin Industries
from Noon-1pm

Topic: Navigating the Holidays!  (Always good to know.)

Navigating the Holidays
Wednesday, November 17th @TEST Sports Club
with Sports Performance Director Skip Fuller, from 7-8pm, free admission

Meet & Greet w/Stephanie and Skip, giving you tips on how to get through the holidays without sabotaging your nutrition plan, nutrition and workout Q & A, raffle prizes.


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