Meet Carol: A SWH Success Story


SWH: Tell us a little about yourself.

Carol: I’m a grandmother, retired librarian, and I enjoy reading, food, travel, the theatre, and movies.

SWH: What brought you to Solaris Whole Health?

Carol: Concern about my weight continuing to increase, fatigue and my HBA1C level (a diabetic marker) was too high.

SWH: How long have you been on the program?

Carol: I started last January, right after the Holidays.  I enjoyed the Holidays and then I started!

SWH: When did you first begin to see results?

Carol: Within the first month or so, I began losing weight and eating a different diet.  I saw my fatigue level go down and after 6 months, my blood work showed significant improvement.

SWH: What changes did you make in terms of lifestyle/nutrition?

Carol: I’m eating more often during the day, which is something that Stephanie recommended – eating 5 or 6 times a day rather than just 3 meals.  The quality of food that I’m eating is better.  I’m eating more fish, more vegetables.  I’m also more aware of what I’m eating, my sleep patterns, just everything in general.

SWH: What was the most difficult part about keeping to the program?

Carol: I like to eat and I like sweets – doughnuts, cookies, cakes, pie, ice cream…and I ate a lot of it.  I always assumed it was just a little bit, but it really wasn’t just a little bit.  I needed to cut all of that down very substantially.   That was the hardest part really – and not eating a lot of snacks at night.  I like to snack.  During the day I’m okay, but after 7 or 8 o’ clock, I could just consume a lot of junk.  So I’ve had to cut out a lot of that junky stuff.

SWH: Do you still have cravings?

Carol: Yes, but my cravings for sweets is not as bad as I had thought it would be.  I’ve been able to push the food away or I don’t buy it.  I used to buy doughnuts and now I can walk by it at the grocery store.  It’s not that appealing and I’m assuming that if I’m on this for another year, it will be even less appealing.  But when I do have a little sweet, I do enjoy it, whereas, I used to just consume it.  I think I enjoy what I do eat a whole lot more.

SWH: What surprised you the most about the program?

Carol: The personal attention and that the program was actually directed to my needs and concerns.  That it’s not a pack program where you just do this and everybody does it.  It’s particularly geared towards me, my problems, my life long eating habits, what I like and don’t like to eat.  It’s a program strictly for me and it’s based on scientific knowledge.  It’s really based on how your body works and to understand that more is particularly important because I do have the possibility of a diabetic problem.  So understanding how I eat affects my blood sugar and my body is very important.  Stephanie is educating me on that and it’s very helpful.

SWH: What do you think makes this program different from other programs like it?

Carol: I’ve lost 16 lbs, kept it off and have control over my blood sugar now.  Stephanie knows what your goals are, knows what your problems are and works with you to solve them.  It’s why I keep coming back.  I really feel that I’m invested in the program.  It’s not something that’s being applied to me.  I’m a part of the program.  The program’s success depends on me with Stephanie’s guidance.

Congratulations, Carol, on your continued success!


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