Q&A with Stephanie Solaris: Healthy Halloween

Q: Can Halloween be healthy?
A: Yes! You’d think this would be impossible considering how store entrances are lined with bags, even boxes of candy 6 weeks before Halloween.  I guess you can never stock up on sugar too early!

The antiquated ritual of ‘treating’ the demon with sweets as a ‘sacrifice’ to ward off harmful consequences from evil spirits is long gone.   However the tradition of Halloween has lived on and now takes the shape of an 8 week sugar frenzy to kick off the holiday season! There ARE ways to make this ‘fall event’ memorable for all ages without the bouts of mood swings and weight gain the sugar frenzy brings!

Home parties can be a welcome relief over walking from house to house in cold, rainy weather.  I was lucky.  From an early age, my mother would plan and host Halloween parties at our home.  We would dress up in costumes, wear blindfolds and be led from room to room to play different games.  In one room, we would bob for apples, in another we would dig through a bowl of ‘eyeballs’ (grapes with Jello) in search of a prize all while drinking blood (Shirley temples!) and listening to scary music.

Here are some websites with fun games to try and a listing of events to check out – all great alternatives to the traditional door-to-door sugarfest of Halloweens past.  (How does pumpkin bowling sound?!)

What I know for sure is that I don’t remember what candy I got or ate each year, but I do remember the games and parties I had.  Those are memories that will last a lifetime.



Click here for last year’s article on Halloween candy alternatives.



  1. Vivian said

    I wanna come to your Halloween Harvest Party full of great food choices and pumpkin bowling!!!!!!!!

  2. […] Whether or not you decide to give out Scarrots this Halloween, we recommend  looking at last year’s post on great candy alternatives and Stephanie’s tips for a healthy Halloween! […]

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