BYOB: Bring Your Own Bag!

In an environmentally conscientious effort to reduce our carbon footprint and promote green living, we are starting the SWH BYOB campaign.  That’s right – Bring Your Own Bag!

We strongly encourage all of our clients to bring in their reusable Solaris canvas bags (preferably,  but any will do) to pick up products and supplements.  As an incentive, every time you bring in your reusable canvas bag (thereby saving a white bag) or bring in a Solaris white paper bag from the past, we will donate 5 cents to the Arbor Day Foundation.

For every dollar that is donated, a new tree will be replanted and used to rebuild our forests.  Among the myriad benefits of trees is improved air quality, reduction of CO2 into the atmosphere, cleaner water, flood prevention.  We need at least $25 to make a donation, so you do the math!

The BYOB campaign kicks off October 15th.  We will check the “tree jar” every quarter and let you know how many Tree’s YOU are planting.  In addition SWH will match all proceeds this campaign raises.  Thanks for your support of SWH and the Planet!


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