Meet Carl: A SWH Success Story

Carl lost 46lbs in 5 months!

SWH: Tell us a little about yourself.

Carl: I have a degree in Recreation/Sports medicine. I have also been a personal trainer over 15 years working with athletes from 8yrs of age to 50 yrs of age. I work as an EMT for Somerset Medical Center in my spare time I volunteer as an EMT as well as an Auxiliary Police Officer.

SWH: What brought you to Solaris Whole Health?

Carl: I have many careers  and I put a lot of things before taking care of myself.   I realized that if I’m not healthy, I can’t take care of anyone.

SWH: What were your initial health concerns?

Carl: Coming from a family that has some health risks, I was worried about having high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.

SWH: How long have you been on the program?

Carl: I’ve been doing the program about 4-5 months.

SWH: When did you first begin to see results?

Carl: I started seeing results within the first week.

(The yellow line is fat – Carl lost 46lbs in 5 months!)

SWH: What changes did you make in terms of lifestyle/nutrition?

Carl: Learning what foods do more harm than good, how food can alter your mood, thinking, even how your body digests.  The changes I made were eating on a regular schedule and eating the correct type of food for my lifestyle.

SWH: What was the most difficult part about keeping to the program?

Carl: The most difficult part was thinking about what I wanted for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

SWH: What surprised you the most about the program?

Carl: I was surprised I could actually do my personalized nutrition program and stick to it.  Stephanie made it easy, giving me the tools and information I needed to be successful.

SWH: Do you have any personal tips for keeping on track with your program?

Carl: Set weekly goals and take the program day by day.   Don’t look too far ahead of yourself.  Bring your food and snacks with you even though you can get the same thing out, it makes it much more worthwhile when you know you made your food and it has a purpose for being in your lunch bag.

SWH: What do you think makes this program different from other programs like it?

Carl: This program has a real life theme to it because it works off of your needs, your lifestyle and your purpose for a lifestyle change.  It teaches you how to rejuvenate yourself mentally and physically.

Congratulations on your success, Carl!


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