Q&A with Stephanie Solaris: Getting a Head Start on Weight Loss

Q: How can I get a head start on weight loss for September?

A: Great question.  This is a great time to get a head start before September rolls around!  As the summer winds down, we have the opportunity to feel lean even with the best of barbecues ahead of us.

This summer has been exceptionally hot and muggy, not the kind of weather that calls you to work out!  So take advantage of the hot weather and focus on what is doable at the moment and what the season calls for – eating light and lean.

Grilling outside is a wonderful part of the summer.  So, use this hot month to stay out of the kitchen!  Throwing light proteins like grilled fish, chicken, shrimp or steamers on the ‘barbi’ along with zucchini topped with olive oil, lemon and spices in a foil pack on the top tray of the grill is a great way to chill out after a work day.  Follow up this great experience with an easy cold smoothie in the blender with lots of ice for a dessert that is fun to make and fun to drink.

During the hot summer days, take it easy in the morning by having a cold yogurt with berries on the go.  Make sure to drink ½ your body weight in ounces of ice cold water during the course of the day.  Add some lemons for extra flavor!  For lunch, nosh on a tasty cold salmon salad adorned with capers and lemon.  Then grab 10 cubes of watermelon for a light mid-afternoon snack which you can find pre-packaged at your local grocery store.  Feeding this light, fun, easy food into your body during these heavy, humid days will certainly keep you feeling lean and give you the kick-start you’d like as September sneaks up on us!


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