Meet Laura: A SWH Success Story

Laura is our success story for the month of August.  She has been a client with us since November of last year.  This month we thought we’d do things a little differently and decided to let our client do most of the talking!  Here is how our interview with Laura went down.

SWH: Tell us about yourself, Laura.

Laura: I’ve been married for 29 years.  I have two children ages 12 and 19.  I have a nursing degree and worked as a nurse for 14 years and I currently volunteer for the school district and my church.

SWH: Why did you come to Solaris?

Laura: I came to Solaris basically because I needed to get healthy. Genetically, I have high blood pressure and cholesterol, lots of allergies which I always thought were environmental but I learned when coming to Solaris a lot of them were food related.  I was pre-diabetic, had indigestion…

SWH: How were you eating before you came to Solaris?

Laura: I was eating basically anything in the house.  For, lunch I would have leftover dinner from the night before or grab something out with the kids.  I always thought I was trying to make healthy choices, but after coming here I see I wasn’t making such healthy choices, especially when it came to gluten.  I always liked fruits and vegetables so that was never an issue for me.  I liked salads.  My big thing in the morning was cereal.  I loved cereal – haven’t had it all and I don’t miss it.

SWH: Was there anything you thought was healthy, but turned out not to be?

Laura: The whole wheat category…whole wheat bread, bagels, and dairy.  I was also surprised to learn that I was intolerant to dairy.

SWH:  What was your “Aha” moment?  What finally made you take the leap?

Laura: I had thought about it for awhile.  I’m a procrastinator though so in the meantime I tried other things.  I tried NutriSystem, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers.  So I tried all those things and they were always just temporary.  I don’t think I got through even 1 year on any of them.  So that’s probably the biggest change for me – sticking with this and not finding it difficult either.

SWH: What is the biggest difference between this program and other ones you’ve tried?

Laura: This one was just personalized, the other ones were one size fits all routines.  Everyone did the same thing, except for maybe calorie intake they would adjust to you, but other than that everyone was eating the same foods, you know.  It just wasn’t working for me…apparently, because once I came here, I started dropping weight and feeling better.  I’ve only been sick one time with a mild cold since November, which is huge for me, really huge

SWH: What did you think program was going to be like?

Laura: I knew it would be individualized, but I was surprised at the intake with all the  different forms and questionnaires and exam.  I haven’t had a doctor do an intake and a history and an exam like that in 40 years.  I’ve never had a doctor do something like that so it was a real surprise.  I was really happy with that.

SWH: When did you first see results?

Laura: I started right before Thanksgiving so I was afraid I was sabotaging myself before I even got started, but I ended up actually losing weight over the holidays.  Not just maintaining, but I lost – I was really happy about that.  I saw results after the first 2 weeks.  After the cleanse that I did I saw immediate results and then they just kept happening.

SWH: Was it difficult sticking to your program?

Laura: No, not really.  It takes some adjusting to, especially with what kind of foods to have around.  I have to get used to bringing food with me in the car – one of the kids named it my “survival food” which I keep in my little glove box in the car.  I always have nuts in there…always have a snack bar in my purse, always have a drink with me.  But I can’t really say I’m eating anything I never would have eaten before.  It’s more that I have eliminated things that I shouldn’t be having.

SWH: Do you have any tricks that you use to help keep you on plan?

Laura: I’ve always carried water with me.  Before it was around just 80% of the time and now it’s 100% of the time.  I bring a bottle of water every time I leave the house.  I just always think before I leave the house – how long I’m going to be gone for, if I’ll be back in time for a meal.  If not, I just make sure I take a snack bar, and if I’m detained and I don’t have a snack bar, I have nuts or fruit or whatever I have stored in my car to fall back on.

Thanks, Laura, for letting us in on your journey to whole health!  Congratulations!


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