Meet Sue: A SWH Success Story

Meet Sue R.

Loving mother, wife, friend and hardworking doctor’s office assistant.

Initial Health Concerns

IBC, Hiatel Hernia, high cholesterol, LDL, osteoporosis

Sue’s Journey to Health

We first met Sue at Test Sports Club during one of our monthly nutrition talks.  She became a familiar face among the crowd.

“When I met Sue at one of our talks, she told me she had been struggling with digestive discomfort for some time.  I welcomed her to give me a call if she wanted to talk about it at length.  She took me up on my offer.  I found out that Sue had been suffering from digestive discomfort, heartburn among other things for years and had avoided eating certain foods because of it,” recalls Stephanie Solaris, owner and director of Solaris Whole Health.

On the outside, Sue had kept it together very well, but on the inside, she knew she needed help and wanted to do it naturally.   After some time, Sue took the leap and joined the Solaris family.

“I truly believe Sue came in at the perfect time to save her health and I commend her for coming in to work out her health imbalances naturally,” says Stephanie, “I was most impressed that even when life’s misfortunes popped up unexpectedly, Sue was able to stay on track with her nutrition plan.  From personal experience, I know this isn’t easy to do.  Sue came into Solaris already a well-rounded person, but with a change in nutrition, is energetic and vivacious INSIDE and out.”

The Results

Improved…digestion, vitality, weight, skin, joints/muscles, bloating and acid reflux; Cholesterol and LDL now within normal limits

How She Did It – In Sue’s Words

“I started with Stephanie 2 months ago.  My main concerns were the IBS I had suffered with for about 30 years and acid reflux.  A year ago, routine blood work showed I had high cholesterol and LDL.  Eating right for my cholesterol played havoc with my IBS.  Stephanie has showed me how to eat healthier.  By eliminating processed foods and concentrating on lean meats, fresh veggies, and fruits and eating 6 times a day, I feel like a new person.  And it’s easy to do!  My cholesterol and LDL are now normal.  I have very few IBS episodes.  And the extra bonuses are my sugar cravings have diminished and I have lost 10lbs!  Stephanie is so encouraging, explains everything well and is readily available for any questions or concerns.  The whole process with her and her wonderful staff has been a pleasure.  Thank you!”


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