Meet Greg: A SWH Success Story

Meet Greg

Business executive, caring husband and father of two.

Initial Health Concerns

Treatment of Lyme Disease which went undiagnosed for over 3 years, joint/muscle pain, weak immune system, low Vitamin D, poor sleep, weight.

The SWH Treatment Plan…

In Greg’s Words

“My nutrition plan has helped me lose weight (30 lbs. in less than 2 months) [see chart below] and significantly increase my energy level.  I have retrained my body to need proteins rather than carbohydrates, and I changed my body composition from excess fat and extra-cellular water to muscle and more intra-cellular water.”

“I feel like I have regained control of my life and retrained my mind to think differently about the value of food and how to treat my body.  I feel better about myself because I’ve gotten control of a lot of bad habits and poor decisions about my nutritional health.  My energy is higher, my weight is lower, and my mind is sharper. I have managed a complicated treatment of Lyme Disease and related issues much better as a result of following this nutrition plan.  I am thoroughly convinced I would feel a lot worse had I not done this at the same time as the treatment.  The connection between nutrition and my health is now very clear to me.”

In Stephanie’s Words

Maintaining a physically and mentally active lifestyle was a priority when Greg signed onto Solaris.  This was certainly no easy task given the adverse side-effects of Lyme Disease and the toll it takes on the body.  Even treatment is tough on the body.

Greg’s medical treatment was of utmost importance and it was my goal to put together a nutritional protocol that not only improved his body composition, but also supported the medical protocol he was already on.  This ensured that he would heal at an optimum level during his ongoing treatment.  Greg rose to the challenge.  His weight loss and improved muscle mass was superior.  Working in the city and vacationing with his family did not deter him from finding the right foods for him and following his plan.   I am impressed with Greg’s success on many levels- his continued dedication and the unwavering support he has received from his family and friends.   We are proud to have him as a client at Solaris and look forward to supporting his journey toward optimum health.

Congratulations, Greg, on your continued success!


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