Meet Angie: A SWH Success Story

Meet Angie

NYC Aspiring Actress, SOHO hotel concierge, chef to be, trusted friend, daughter, sister and more!

Initial Health Concerns

Stress, Difficulty Sleeping, Unexplained Sleepwalking at night, Extreme fatigue, Daily Cookie Cravings and headaches.

How SWH Has Helped

Energy and vitality has improved 100%, Sleeping Better, more regular digestion, less headaches, better at dealing with stress and mental clarity has improved.

In Her Words

“Sleepwalking and constant fatigue has plagued my life for the last couple of years.  After I participated in a sleep study at Mt. Sioni Hospital in NYC, I was prescribed Valium.  Disappointed with my doctor’s “solution”, I spoke with Stephanie about it, and she suggested I come see her.

“Within 3 days of starting the recommended vitamins and structured diet, I had more energy during the day and I slept better at night.  No more sleepwalking.

“Solaris Whole Health has not only benefited my life, it has given me life.

“I tell [my friends] about how educational the program is in regards to de-coding emotional eating.  It’s like having a nutritionist and life coach all in one.”

-Angela A.

In My Words.

“I’ve known Angie for years and never knew she was struggling with her sleep until she told me she had entered the sleep study in NYC.  The more we spoke during her nutrition intake (that’s SWH lingo for initial consultation), the more I understood how stress and her genetic predisposition to blood sugar instability were affecting her daily life.

“Angie latched onto her personal nutrition plan immediately.  In addition to her nutrition plan, I suggested she slow down her running regiment.  Considering what a great stress reliever running was for her, even temporarily removing it seemed counter intuitive and counterproductive.  However, after I explained that the pause on running would actually cut down on her fatigue, she went with it.  Shortly after starting, using the proper nutrition and supplementation, Angie was able to sleep again and is now able to run with more energy than before!”

-Stephanie Solaris

Congratulations to Angie!


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