Meet Christine: A SWH Success Story

Meet Christine

Loving mother of four, devoted partner, sister, friend, substitute teacher, and basket-weaving extraordinaire!

Initial Health Concerns

When we first met Christine, she had some very common concerns; digestive discomfort, Infrequent bowel movements, fatigue and high stress levels, uncontrollable sugar cravings (she loved Kit Kat’s and Snickers!) and unmanageable weight gain ever since her gallbladder was removed.  For those unfamiliar with the intricate workings of the gallbladder, it is the organ that helps us process fat.  Needless to say, with the absence of a gallbladder it was difficult for her to lose weight.

Being a busy mother of four and working, skipping meals was commonplace.  It didn’t help that she had long suffered from stomach ulcers and had a genetic predisposition to gallstones, hypothyroidism and type II diabetes.

“Through the hour long intake I learned a lot about Christine’s unique challenges,” says Stephanie Solaris, owner and director of Solaris Whole Health, “Piecing together her ‘health puzzle’ was going to be challenging.   She came to Solaris looking to create a long lasting healthy solution to get her life back and we’re glad that she did!”

Piecing the Puzzle

Christine’s initial symptoms gave her a high rating on our Health Profile Questionnaire (SEE GRAPH BELOW).    So, how did Stephanie address Christine’s health concerns? – By first attacking her digestive discomfort and sugar cravings with an individual nutrition and supplementation plan.   Stephanie had 3 goals in mind: 1.) to help her digest the foods she ate, 2.) regulate bowel movements, and 3.) support her body with supplementation to help her deal with daily stresses.

In order to achieve these 3 initial objectives, Stephanie put Christine on a cleanse along with a medical food to help her body run more efficiently and under less stress (by taking some of the heat off of the adrenal glands).  She also put Christine on a probiotic to inoculate her stomach with good flora to help with digestion.  Christine’s body responded beautifully and her weight loss began for the first time since her gallbladder surgery.  (SEE GRAPH BELOW.)

“As I explained the different pieces of her particular health puzzle – the interwoven relationship between her digestion, cravings, adrenal fatigue, and food/mood – Christine showed great determination and resolve.

‘Christine is an enthusiastic learner, absorbed the information very quickly, and immediately began making connections between her food and mood.  I usually wait a few weeks before incorporating the concept of food/mood into someone’s program, but Christine was eager to put the pieces of her puzzle together.  So, I went with it and supported her needs accordingly.  She asked great questions and stuck to her individualized nutrition plan,” says Stephanie.

In fact, Christine was able to apply the food/mood method so well that she actually lost weight over the holidays.  Even when surrounded by a confection of holiday sweets and treats, she was able to understand and work through her cravings.  The key was that she learned how to be intimate with those around her rather than hide behind food.

“In 4 months, I have dropped 2 sizes and have not had any infections.  I feel in control of my eating.  I have never realized how much control I actually had over my body simply by gaining all the knowledge Stephanie supplied.  She has done more for me for my health than any practitioner ever did in all 40 years.  She has taken past history, present habits and created a program that suits me to me healthy in ALL ways,” says Christine.

“I’m proud to say that the tools Christine has embraced will support her for a lifetime.  She continues to learn and do what is right for her body.  I’m grateful to have her as part of Solaris,” says Stephanie.

Congratulations to Christine on her success at Solaris!


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