Meet Tom: A SWH Success Story

Meet Tom

Town Manager of Newton NJ,  active community member, fiance to Trish, father-figure and mentor to two young children, and named as one of this year’s “Top 20 Under 40 ” in NJ by the New Jersey Herald!

“I co-chair the annual Grand Tastings fundraiser for Jersey Battered Women’s Service and noted the Solaris Whole Health silent auction package that was graciously donated.  I didn’t win the auction item that night, but I won something greater when I called Stephanie on my own – good health and a new life.”

Tom’s Initial Health Concerns

“Lack of sleep, inconsistent energy flow throughout the day, general aches and pains, and a need to decrease fat and increase muscle mass.”

Program Results

“My energy level has increased tremendously.  I have lost several pounds of fat and water weight while gaining much needed muscle mass.  I feel better and look better!  My doctor told me that ‘whatever you are doing, keep it up’.”

Tom’s Stats

Fasting Glucose: from 92 to 87
Cholesterol: from 202 to 185
LDL: from 146 to 112
HDL: from 45 to 62
Triglycerides: from 55 to 57

“When I met Tom,” recalls Stephanie,”I knew I was present to a motivated man who was committed to his health and the health of those around him.   He had already done a great deal of work on his own and knew a tremendous amount about nutrition when he came to Solaris.”

“I was a bit skeptical when I first met Stephanie and had my preliminary discussion with her – was this person going to understand my meals, goals, health history – and could I afford her advice?  After only a short period of time, I knew Stephanie was the right person to help guide me on the path towards superior health and wellness.  I am blessed to have her as an advocate, mentor, coach, and friend.”

“Tom embraced his individual nutrition plan whole-heartedly despite the fact that he started in the midst of the summertime when unhealthy treats abound and before a vacation with his fiance which is traditionally when most people gain weight.  He was able to navigate ‘real life’ while incorporating new, healthy habits into his lifestyle.  I saw his energy and focus take a positive 180 turn and the improvement in his body composition followed,” says Stephanie.

“Stephanie is the first person I’ve ever met to view the entire situation – nutrition, supplementation, fitness, etc., rather than only one particular facet.  It is by this emphasis on total health and wellness that I have become a Solaris success story.”

“Tom took every health initiative I suggested and made it his own.  He asked great questions, created his own lists to make sure he understood how he could work the new goals into his busy lifestyle.   His successes are a direct result of his dedication AND realistic expectations.  He didn’t flinch when his lifestyle got in the way and found himself going off track.  He chalked it up and started fresh the next day/moment.  This is the kind of attitude that has garnered him the will and strength to achieve both his personal and professional goals.”

“Stephanie is an architect for good health – by that I mean she helps you take an honest assessment of where you are and creates with your guidance a realistic blueprint for changes and future success if you want it.  Quite simply, I would not be as happy and successful as I am today without Stephanie.”


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