Good Food for the Mind

It’s almost the end of the first month of the new year (and decade) and I have yet to reveal what our New Year’s resolution is for the next 11 months!

Solaris Whole Health is dedicating 2010 to “Good Food for the Mind”.  Yes, nutrition is important.  Eating well is still our number one priority.  However, the food we feed our minds is equally important and an integral component to our overall well-being.  As such, we will be placing  greater emphasis on “Good Food for the Mind” in everything we do throughout the year – in our blog, sessions with clients, and events.

To kick-off our “Good Food for the Mind” campaign, we threw a party and it was a great success!  Check out the pics below:

Stephanie Solaris explains the game.

Discussing goals for the year with partners.

Stephanie explains what's on the menu for the night.

Discussing goals.

Making new friends.


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  1. Lauren Tamaroff said

    Steph, had a great time at the good food for the mind event shown in the pictures above. Hope you have another event like this (just not during tax season).

    Again, great pics!!

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