Road Trip USA: Nutrition Edition [Day 5]

Our Road Trip series went on a bit of a hiatus due to the holidays, but it’s back!  So how did our fearless nutrition correspondent fare after the last we heard from her?…Find out in the entry below dun dun dun…

Day 5 – Sunday, October 25
Snowmass Village, CO to Saint George, UT
8 hours in the car

We started the day by walking the dogs around Aspen on a gorgeous day. On Katie’s quest for coffee, we were referred to a place described as having “great hangover food” called Johnny McGuire’s Deli. I had their Huevos Rancheros-fried eggs and homemade salsa served on corn tortillas (no cheese, no sour cream). I wasn’t hungover but it was definitely great! On the road, I snacked on yogurt, a snack bar, and apples. Oops, I forgot to eat a meal somewhere… The drive from Aspen and into Utah is one-of-a-kind. Even though I have flown to California from the Northeast before, I had never driven further west than Chicago, so all the changes in scenery and landscape were really stunning up close.

I spotted a Chili’s as we were getting off the highway for the hotel in St. George, so I checked out their gluten-free menu before ordering Chili’s To Go. They have very informative Allergen Information page on their website, with specialized menus dedicated to each of the eight major allergens. I ordered a half rack of the Original Baby Back Ribs that came with broccoli and carrots, and snack on an apple and almond butter before bed. Yum!


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