Meet Denel: A SWH Success Story



Meet Denel

Personal Fitness Trainer, Adjunct Professor at Raritan Valley Community College, and mother of 2.

When Denel first came to Solaris Whole Health, she had just become a “Mom” for the second time.  Ready to get back to her pre-natal weight, she enlisted Stephanie Solaris, owner and director of Solaris Whole Health to help her.

In addition to weight loss, Denel’s second goal was to increase her energy.  Parenting is not the easiest job in the world, and having two children under the age of 3 can be energy zapping – mentally and physically.  She wanted to optimize her energy level so that she could do all of the things she wanted to in her career and family life.

In order to address her body composition and energy level concerns, Stephanie first had to take all of Denel’s symptoms and current lifestyle habits into account.  Based on the results of Denel’s nutritional exam, she was exhibiting a variety of health issues including a hypothyroid, hormonal imbalances, trouble focusing.  She also scored very high on her initial “Symptoms Survey” with a total of 77 (for those unfamiliar with our process, please see Skip’s Success Story to learn more about our “Symptoms Survey”).  Lastly, she suffered from a history of using low-calorie dieting to lose weight – her main reason for having sought out Solaris Whole Health.

Because Health Comes First

The two health symptoms Stephanie addressed immediately and simultaneously were Denel’s yeast overgrowth (a gut imbalance that was causing her to have intense sugar cravings after meals) and her energy level.  In order to treat her yeast overgrowth, Stephanie put Denel on a yeast cleanse to get rid of candida (overgrowth of bad bacteria) and also on a very specific probiotic to inoculate her gut with good bacteria.  “The process was an especially delicate one because Denel was still breast-feeding her baby.  Anything that Denel was putting into her body was being fed to the baby as well, so we also had to be cognizant of the baby’s nutrition and health,” says Stephanie, “It is one of the toughest cleanses and Denel did it for 3 months.  She was a real trooper!”

In regards to energy, because she had two young children, one of which was still an infant, she was up every 2-3 hours taking care of the baby.  To say Denel was wired and tired would be an understatement.  She was eating oatmeal squares, Oreos, and white bread to keep her energy up, which, in case you had any doubts, is not good.   Denel’s adrenal glands were stressed out and were in desperate need of a jump-start. Once, with the help of proper supplementation and nutrition, imbalances were corrected and cravings were under control, Denel started to see the weight come off.   She was finally able to achieve the type of energy she wanted and needed to do her 3 jobs well – teaching, training, and being a “Mom”.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

For Denel, nutrition and lifestyle change did not come easily.  It was hard work.  She didn’t want to do it, but knew that she couldn’t live the life she wanted unless she took care of her body.  In the end, her resolve and unwavering perseverance saw her through.  Not only does she have the energy to do her jobs effectively, she now has the energy to do it AND enjoy it.  It doesn’t get any better than that!


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