Holiday Shopping – Solaris Whole Health Style

Done with your holiday shopping, yet? We are...this is how it's done people.

Last night, after our last client left, Stephanie and I jetted off to Staples to do our holiday shopping.  THE GOAL: to buy ALL of our office supplies at once and use as many coupons as humanly possible.  This was not an easy task.  We spent a laborious 15 minutes mulling over which mailing label to get (white or clear, the 60 or the 80), which binder to get (do we normally use the 2″ or the 3″)?  Don’t even get me started on Sharpies – tempers flared over fine or ultra-fine…

In the end (and I know you’re all just dying to know), we got everything we needed and used every coupon we had!  In fact, in the spirit of the holidays, the benevolent manager of Staples was gracious enough to slip an EXTRA coupon into our hands…but not before cautiously asking us, “Are you really buying all of this?”

Happy Holidays and Good Luck, last minute shoppers!  Make sure to treat yourself for a job well done afterwards, we sure did!


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