Road Trip USA: Nutrition Edition [Day 4]

Day 4 – Saturday, October 24th, 2009
Lincoln, NE to Snowmass Village, CO
11 hours in the car

The breakfast selection at the Motel 6 was almost entirely wheat-based: cereals, bagels, muffins, etc. I grabbed an apple and Katie, the dogs, and I were on our way. I was feeling pretty happy about bringing those nuts and snack bars right about now. We entered beautiful Colorado and our lunch stop was Wendy’s and I was blown away by their gluten-free selections. I learned my lesson and used my handy, dandy, internet-capable phone to check what I could eat beforehand. Wendy’s website has an up-to-date, well-organized page dedicated to their menu items without gluten. I decided to make up for not eating much yesterday and ordered a cup of chili without cheese and a baked potato! What can I say? I’m a soup and chili kind of girl.

I am full until we get to my family friend’s apartment where we’re staying in Snowmass. Katie and I wanted to take advantage of the kitchen to make a home-cooked meal and there happened to be a grocery store very close to the apartment. I restocked on snacks for the road before we dined on grilled chicken, brown rice, and, you guessed it, soup! Pacific Natural Foods has great gluten-free broths and soups. Katie and I tried the Organic Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato soup and we loved it (even though it is dairy-based… sorry Stephanie!).


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