Road Trip USA: Nutrition Edition [Day 0]

So you think eating healthy at home is difficult?  Try eating healthy whilst traveling across the US with your best friend on the ultimate cross-country road trip!  Our very own Josefina, former intern extraordinaire, did just that.  Along the way, she was kind enough to document her experiences.  Find out how she fared with her journal entries, which I will be posting over the course of the next several weeks.

Josefina (right) and I the day before her cross-country adventure!

Entry 1

Day 0 – Tuesday, October 20th

Just met with Stephanie before I leave on a cross-country road trip tomorrow.  My friend Katie is moving to San Diego with her two dogs and I’m making the trip with her.  I have only been doing this gluten-free, casein-free plan for 8 days!  I have no idea how I’ll fare on the road and while I don’t have the convenience of my own kitchen, but I’m feeling positive that I can make smart choices (0r at least bounce back from missteps).  Cross your fingers!


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