Stuff Yourself (and the Turkey) With Alternative Ingredients This Thanksgiving

At Solaris, we love food and we love eating it.  Enjoying whole foods can be easy even during the holidays.  We are giving you a few simple tips on how to be creative and healthy with the ingredients you use this holiday season – and how to have fun doing it!

See our chart below for a dozen great substitutions to feed your body this holiday!

Using This? –> Try This!

1. ½  C butter in baked goods
–> ¼ C  butter and 1/8c apple sauce
2. sugar –> coconut sugar
3. vegetable oil –> olive oil
4. red wine –> grape or cranberry juice
5. 1 oz chocolate –> 3 Tbsp powdered cacao or pureed prunes
6. dry bread crumbs –> dry rice crumbs
7. pasta –> gluten free pasta
8. sour cream –> Fage yogurt
9. cream cheese –> cottage cheese pureed until smooth
10. ground beef –> ground turkey
11. white rice –> brown rice
12. white potato –> sweet potato


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