Thursday Preview: 7 Weight Loss Myths

As you all know, Stephanie will be giving a talk about ‘jump starting your metabolism’ this Thursday at TEST Sports Club.

Here is a sneak preview of topics she will be discussing, or should I say common misconceptions she will be debunking!

7 Weight Loss Myths

1. The Starvation Diet“If I eat less, I will lose weight.”

2. All calories are created equal. –  “If I eat 1500 calories of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and burn it all off, I will lose weight.”

3. The No Fat Diet“Eating fat makes you fat.”

4. The Low/No Carb Diet“All those Atkins Diet people lost weight doing it, and I can too.”

5. Skipping meals“If I don’t eat breakfast, I can eat more of what I like at lunch.”

6. The European Diet“Europeans are thinner than Americans and all they eat is cheese and drink wine.  Maybe if I eat cheese and drink wine, I can be skinny too.”

7. The government and food industry is looking out for your well-being.“Everyone else is eating it so it must be safe.”  “The government isn’t stopping production so it must be safe.”  “With attractive packaging like that, there’s no way it can be bad for me.”


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  1. What an AWESOME list!!! You really nailed this. I have learned that when I take the time to eat a healthy breakfast, my night eating is much less. Thanks for sharing!

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