Q & A w/Stephanie Solaris

Q: The grilled cheese effect – I saw a book by Suzanne Somers on your shelf when I was waiting.  Flipped to something about not eating cheese with bread. Why not, what does it do and what’s the best alternative? And, does a rice cake with cheese have the same effect? – Christine C.

A: The simple answer is do not eat fat with white carbs! Eating fats with white or simple carbohydrates increases insulin and can result in both the bread and the cheese being stored as body fat.

When eaten alone, brown or complex carbohydrates are used by the body for energy, while nutrients are extracted from fats. Fat can only be stored as body fat in the presence of insulin, and dietary fat alone does not increase blood sugar levels enough to set off an insulin response. Adding white / simple carbs to the mix triggers the insulin response that we don’t want. This applies to grilled cheese sandwiches, bagels and cream cheese etc.

So what’s the better alternative? If you absolutely must satisfy your grilled cheese craving, opt for gluten-free bread or brown rice cakes and serve them with cottage cheese or feta cheese. Fall is the time when many people turn to grilled cheese and tomato soup for a simple meal, but there are many other quick, easy, and nutritious options you can make for you and the kids! Applegate Farms has delicious gluten-free chicken nuggets and Bell & Evans has a wide variety of nutritious, ready-to-heat chicken meals as well. You can find their products at King’s, A&P, and Wegman’s.


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