Meet Paula: A SWH Success Story

Business professional, mother of two, avid dog lover and owner – Paula is a busy woman.

When Paula first came to Solaris Whole Health, not only was she concerned about her weight, but she also had difficulty breathing, was experiencing a great deal of anxiety, was tired, had indigestion, heartburn, and headaches.  Very common for busy professionals and parents!

“I could not lose any weight no matter how hard I tried,” recalls Paula, “I tried other plans.  The most weight I could lose was 10lbs., then I would gain it all back.”

Making healthy choices is NOT easy.  Cravings hit hard.  Sometimes a little guidance and motivation is needed, and that’s exactly why Paula came to us.

“I knew when I met Paula, that she was a smart and savvy woman,” Stephanie Solaris, founder and director of Solaris Whole Health explains,” Yet, nutrition was the one thing that eluded her.  I also knew I had treated many other people like her with much success.  She, like so many other women and men had succumbed to the many diet plans only to feel like a failure.  She did not fail – the ‘diet’ failed her!”

Stephanie worked with Paula, addressing each of her concerns and tackling them one by one.

“I always begin by addressing the most prevalent health issue at hand.  For Paula, it was treating her body composition (fat to muscle ratio),” says Stephanie.

Before long, Paula was seeing results, losing weight, and feeling better, “I didn’t realize how sick I was until I started feeling better…in only a few weeks!”

After a month, Stephanie began tackling Paula’s fatigue, all the while slowly incorporating new eating habits into her nutrition plan.  A month after that, together Stephanie and Paula worked on her digestion.  As Paula lost weight, she no longer had difficulty breathing.  However, some time later, Paula began to plateau in her weight loss.

“This happens frequently with people,” says Stephanie, “They’ll begin to lose weight, lose more weight, and then they’ll plateau.  Usually, this is an indication of some other problem.  Sometimes people will begin to feel discouraged, but I see it as an opportunity.  For Paula, we discovered that she was metabolically challenged.  After running some tests, it turned out to be a combination of her adrenals and thyroid – we began the next phase of her health plan and it worked!”

“My favorite thing to tell people is that Stephanie ‘made’ me eat more and I lost weight…and not just scale weight – FAT!” exclaims Paula.  “I have self confidence, self-esteem, I feel great and I look great!”

Congratulations to Paula on her success!



  1. Christine said

    Paula and Stephanie rock – eat more, weigh less?! It’s true! When you learn from Stephanie, you empower yourself to wellness – powerful stuff!

  2. Theresa said

    Paula is my sister and I have to say, in addition to all the above mentioned benefits for her, I am impressed with the way she talks about it. It’s not the typical diet obsession when just about every conversation (especially around meal time) is geared toward food – what I can/can’t have, etc. When Paula talks about it, she speaks about how good she feels and how much it’s helped her, it’s not about deprivation rather it’s motivation.

    • swhteam said

      Wow, Theresa, thank you for your perspective and insight. It’s great to hear that loved ones see
      the positive change and experience it as well!

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