Q & A w/Stephanie Solaris

Q: What are some quick, easy, and healthy snacks I can make? – D.L., 23, SWH client

A: As a fervent proponent of high-performance fast food, I eat a great deal of fast and easy to make snacks that are packed with nutrients!  Today, I’m sharing a couple of my personal favorite snacks with you.

1. Organic almond butter on a rice cake.

Almond butter is a great substitute for peanut butter and tastes great with Lundberg’s Honeynut Rice Cakes.  Try Once Again Organic Smooth Raw Almond Nut Butter or MaraNatha Organic Almond Butter, both available at health food stores, or Amazon.com.  While organic almond butter is healthy for you, make sure to only use it in moderation, especially if you are looking to lose weight.

2. Chips with dip, beans, and greens.

This dip can be made in less than 5 minutes and is packed with nutrients. You will need ½ a tub of Fage yogurt (0% fat), ½ a pack of Simply Organic Spicy Chili Mix, lemon juice, sea salt, Aduki beans (I use Eden Organic), and some greens (whichever you prefer).

Simply add the Spicy Chili Mix to the Fage yogurt and mix.  Wash and add Aduki beans on the side, add some lemon juice and sea salt.  Include the greens on the side and you’ve just made yourself a delicious dip high in protein and low in fat.

For chips, try Food Should Taste Good Multigrain or Sage Valley (available at Shop Rite).  Read our entry for more chip and dip ideas.

Got a nutrition questions you would like answered?  We’d love to hear from you!  E-mail us at info@solariswholehealth.com.


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