Is What’s In Your Water Making You Fat?

It’s in your food, it’s in your water; it’s in the consumer products you use.  What am I talking about?  Endocrine disruptors, of course!  Not familiar with the type of chemicals of which I speak?

According to a recent New York Times post by op-ed columnist, Nicholas D. Kristof, scientists found that some of the adverse health defects that result from exposure to these chemicals include “genital abnormalities in newborn boys”, “misshaped sexual organs and cancer” in girls.  The scary part is that these newborns seem fine at birth.  In addition to these defects, scientists believe that endocrine disruptors also play a role in obesity – affecting thyroid and metabolism.

Exactly where are these endocrine disruptors coming from?  Kristof explains,

“They are very widely used in agriculture, industry and consumer products. Some also enter the water supply when estrogens in human urine — compounded when a woman is on the pill — pass through sewage systems and then through water treatment plants.

These endocrine disruptors have complex effects on the human body, particularly during fetal development of males.”

“Everybody is exposed,” says Kristof.  While the prevalence of these chemicals in our daily lives make them difficult to avoid, there are ways around it.

First, start by eating organic.  A great deal of these chemicals are used in agricultural pesticides – remember per our Food Inc. entry, you won’t find nutrition labels warning you which products have been exposed to pesticides.  Your safest bet is to just eat organic.

Second, drink filtered water and drink out of metal bottles rather than plastic bottles.  You can find metal canteens here.

Watch Nicholas D.  Kristof speak about the dangers of endocrine disruptors on the Colbert Report.

Click here for more information about endocrine disruptors.


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