Red, White, and Food Blues? 10 Tips for Recovering from the Holiday

Welcome back from the July 4th holiday weekend!  A raise of hands if you believe you had one potato chip too many.  Don’t worry; it’s tough to eat healthy during the holidays.  Everywhere you go, you’re surrounded by mouth-wateringly delicious holiday food.  It’s as if your closest family and friends formed a conspiracy alliance to derail you from your nutrition plan!  Have no fear, we found some great tips for getting you back on track!

1. Drink water. We often mistake thirst for hunger.  A good rule of thumb – drink 1/2 your weight in water; it will keep your body hydrated and help prevent you from overeating.

2. Wait 10 minutes. When a craving hits you, occupy yourself for 10 minutes before giving into it.  Cravings usually only last for about that long, so wait it out!

3. Eat frequent meals. Eating 5 or 6 small meals a day helps curb cravings and over snacking in between meals.  It also boosts your energy level and keeps your metabolism going (even the process of digestions helps burn calories).

4. Just add salsa (or lemon or yogurt).  Use it in place of mayo, it adds flavor without the fat.

5. Reduce your intake by 1/3.  Take your holiday meal portion and reduce it by 1/3.  This can cut out up to 500 calories per day.  Save the leftover 1/3 as a snack for the next day.

6. Take it easy on the alcohol.  Alcohol packs on the pounds – you know this.  Best liquid for your body – water!

7. Post-it reminders. Write yourself little reminders that say, “Do you want this food enough to wear it?”  Stick it on the fridge so you don’t forget about your goals!

8. Focus on your meal. Rather than eat “on the go“, take some time out to sit and enjoy your meal.  You will be more satisfied and less likely to overeat.

9. Soda. Don’t even think about touching that cola!  Soda adds on extra pounds with zero nutritional benefits.  Water, water, water!

10. Think postively. Focus on the positive changes you are making, not the negative.  Negative thoughts can inhibit you from achieving your goal.  Instead of focusing on the bad, reward yourself with each step you take in the right direction.  If you stopped yourself from giving into a craving, reward yourself by buying a new top or hanging out with friends.


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