Food Inc. – A Must See Documentary About, Well, Food!

Are you looking to curb your cravings?  Check out the movie Food Inc., it might change the way you perceive the food you eat and c0mpell you make healthier choices.

The movie Food Inc. takes a fascinating look at how our ‘food supply’ has changed in the last 25 years.  The intention of big food manufacturers is not to ensure our daily health, vitality and mental alertness, but to maximize profit.  Food is genetically modified and designed to “hook us” and keep us addicted so we continue buying their products.  So what are we being ‘fed’?

The movie Food Inc. is more than a mere expose on the horrors of pesticides, and livestock cloning.  It’s also advocating that we, as consumers, stay informed about the food we eat so we can make more educated food choices.  The movie covers several issues concerning industrialized food production: genetically engineered food, cloning, farmer protection, environmental impact (30,800 tons of gas emissions per year due to production and transportation), foodborne illness, pesticides, healthy eating, and nutritional food labeling (big production companies are not required to label products that have been genetically altered in some way or have come from clones).

For more information about Food Inc., click here.



  1. Christine said

    Thank you for this post – as a result, I saw the movie with my partner. We were stunned by what we saw and heard. I didn’t realize much of this about how we get our food. As a result of this new knowledge, I’m looking for a local farmer who raises grass-fed beef and will be shopping as much as possible at the farmers markets. Everyone should see this film! If the saying is “you are what you eat”, I’m really no happy with what I “are” – I’ll be eating much differently now.

  2. […] organic.  A great deal of these chemicals are used in agricultural pesticides – remember per our Food Inc. entry, you won’t find nutrition labels warning you which products have been exposed to […]

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