The Power of the Chocolate Chip Cookie

If you have ever been tempted by the mere sight of a chocolate chip cookie with its soft, gooey morsels, then you know what I’m talking about.  Just one look at that little round piece of heaven at the local Panera, Starbucks, or my personal favorite, Seattle’s Best inside Borders Bookstores, and all rationality can literally go out the window!

Dr. David A. Kessler, former head of the Food and Drug Administration, knows all too well the power of the chocolate chip cookie and isn’t above giving into the temptation.  In a recent New York Times article, he discusses the science of overeating, and how we can “take back control of our eating habits”.

It’s not about willpower says Kessler.  The foods we eat are created to stimulate our brains’ reward system, in whereby creating desire for us to eat more and more.  This is a “biological challenge made more difficult by the over stimulating food environment that surrounds us”.

The solution to succumbing to cravings and overeating is not through dieting.  Dieting only exacerbates the situation.  When you diet, you deprive yourself – possibly of certain nutrients that your body needs, which only leads to more cravings and eventual surrender to the chocolate chip cookie.  It may seem like an endless cycle, but there’s hope!

At Solaris Whole Health, we believe in progress, not perfection.  You are going to want that chocolate chip cookie from time to time, and that’s okay.  Eating healthy is about finding the right balance for you, your body type, and your lifestyle.  It’s not about willpower, it’s about getting your body’s biochemistry in balance through supplementation, understanding your cravings as they pertain to you, and feeding yourself well.  Hip & healthy, live it, love it!



  1. Christine said

    LOVE this blog – cookies are totally my weakness – ESPECIALLY chocolate chip (the crunchier the better!). What I love about working with Stephanie is that she does cater my program totally to me. It’s realistic and she doesn’t cause me to feel like a failure when I go off track. Cookies make me want more cookies. I know now that I can get right back on by eating a healthy snack – and my cookie cravings go away!

    • swhteam said

      Thanks for the positive feedback, Christine! It’s good to hear from you and know that you’re doing well. If there are any nutritional topics that are of particular interest to you and would like us to cover, let us know, we’d be happy to oblige!

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