Why Don’t You…

…Run the New York City half-marathon on August 16th?  If you’ve always thought about running the New York City marathon like I have, but like me, found it too intimidating to actually follow through, then why not give the half-marathon a go?  Okay, so maybe 13.1 miles still seems a bit daunting, but it couldn’t hurt to try.  Having a goal is a great way to get in shape and marathon training will no doubt get you into great shape and keep you in great shape.

Registration for individual entry is closed, but if you join with a charity, you are guaranteed entry into the race.  Kill two birds with one stone – get some exercise and help people at the same time!  Charities like the American Cancer Association and the Fresh Air Fun are looking for enthusiastic new members to join their team.  For details on how to register with a charity and for additional information on the race in general click here.

You dont have to be Lance Armstrong to run a marathon.

You don't have to be Lance Armstrong to run a marathon.

Marathon training is intense.  There are many factors to take into consideration – your health, nutrition, and fitness level.  You will need to set-up a healthy eating diet and daily workout schedule.   Here is a list of useful websites that can help you get started.

Half Marathon Training With Hal Higdon

Runner’s World

Cool Running


Marathon Training

If you are serious about training and would like some help or general tips on what to eat to maximize workout efficiency, Solaris Whole Health can help.  Give us a call at 732-667-3209 or e-mail us at info@solariswholehealth.com.  Good luck and share your training stories with us if you decide to run!  We love a great success story.


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